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Sandra Angers, ICF Associate Certified Coach
Emotional Intelligence and Wellness Coaching, NLP Practitioner

Since 2000, Sandra Angers has been dedicated to helping her clients achieve the best their lives have to offer. An International Coaching Federation certified practitioner, Sandra has made her reputation in the fields of Life Coaching, Weight loss, Neuro-linguistics and Emotional Intelligence. Sandra's weight loss program is based on mind fullness, attending to the ‘’famine brain’’ and releasing the emotions associated with eating- a technique she perfected in her own weight loss journey. With a remarkable amount of empathy and a high level of care, Sandra will help you achieve the weight loss goal of being the best you can be.


Sandra has never been a fan of small talk. As a kid, she would always sit at the grown up table and start conversations with adults. She always wanted to understand emotions and learn why people act in certain ways. She was extremely perceptive and would feel that there was something underlying in everybody that made them. Never judging emotions but just see them as “this is who you are”, she often acts as a mirror for people to see themselves in.

Sandra started her career as a vocal coach, producer and director of shows for multiple artists. Her work with singers opened her curiosity about the human connection and made her want to learn more about what makes a great performer and teach the best way to connect with the audience. Already being a devoted reader and listener of various life coaches since she was a teenager, Sandra started to mix her vocal coaching with life coaching. Asking questions and getting to the core of the song or the artist became her trademark as a coach and made her extremely successful in her field.

In 2010, Sandra started working with an ICF coach herself and saw how quickly results could be achieved when you really dig into your beliefs and change what isn’t working for you. Her understanding of how humans create beliefs based on their experience and talking about how those beliefs can be changed is at the core of her coaching and what she works on the most with clients. With the help of her coach, she started her own weight loss journey, losing 75 pounds in less than a year and has kept it off since. Understanding the feelings associated with being overweight and having gone through the transformation herself inside and out has made her a truly empathetic coach that will not only work with her client but will be their biggest supporter.

In her spare time, Sandra enjoys spending time with her cat, Nella and goes to Montreal to see her family anytime she can. She enjoys cooking on a Sunday afternoon, seeing musicals and enjoying the company of good friends.

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