Package of 5 Sessions
Duration of each session: 20 minutes ($50.00)


A combination of Emotional Intelligence Coaching and a Weight Loss Coaching program where the patient will explore the root causes of their weight gain and will lean tools to control their famine brain, their brain on a diet. The coaching will not explore any dietary issues or exercise program but will work in depth with the patient on why they are not sticking to a specific program or exercise regiment. For best effective results, it is recommended that the patient should be coached every week or bi-weekly.



Package of 10 Sessions
Duration of each session: 20 minutes ($45.00)


An exploration of the Weight Loss Coaching program with a group of people sharing their experiences and their struggles every week. The patients will learn different tools every week to control their famine brain, their brain on a diet. Group discussions and different topics will be presented every week in a supportive  and warm environment.

The group sessions are scheduled on Tuesdays 7pm-8pm.



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Insurance - Direct Billing

Now we can settle your claims directly

with the following insurance providers:


Sun Life Financial


Great West Life

Standard Life

Johnson Insurance

Chambers of Commerce Group

Industrial Alliance

Maximum Benefit

Johnston Group


Most employment insurance providers have naturopathic medicine coverage in their extended healthcare packages. If not, such coverage can often be included  at nominal rates. 

You may want  to contact your employer or insurance agent to see if you are covered.  

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