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COVID-19 Rapid Antigen Screening at RHNC

Rapid Antigen Screening is offered to the patients of RHNC while the supplies last. Book a virtual consult to learn how to perform the test at home. The home screening kits could be picked up at RHNC, designated pharmacies, or point-of-care testing facilities of your choice. 
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Monday: 11am - 7pm

Tuesday: 11am - 7pm

Wednesday: 11am - 4pm

Thursday: 11am - 7pm

Friday: 11am - 4pm

Saturday: by appointment

Sunday: closed

COVID-19 Guidance: Considerations for Rapid Antigen Screening

Rapid Antigen Screening is used for screening purposes only and NOT for diagnostic purposes.


Rapid Antigen Screening should NOT be used to test for COVID-19 infection in symptomatic individuals or individuals with known close contact with a positive COVID-19 case.


Rapid Antigen Screening does not replace public health measures such as vaccination, symptom screening, physical distancing, masking and hand hygiene.


Rapid Antigen Screening does not replace requirements to protect the health and safety of workers. Any individual who receives a positive result from Rapid Antigen Screening must self-isolate immediately and follow the instructions outlined by the Ministry of Health.


Any positive result from Rapid Antigen Screening must be confirmed with laboratory-based polymerase chain reaction (PCR) testing or rapid molecular diagnostic testing (e.g., 2 ID NOW) where the results can be reported into the Ontario Laboratory Information System (OLIS).

Please check the Updated Eligibility for PCR Testing and Case and Contact Management Guidance in Ontario:

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