Naturopathic Therapies

Naturopathic medicine offer a unique approach of blending contemporary medical science  with the wisdom of traditional medicine.

At  RHNC we promote this integrative approach to ensure the best  possible outcome for our patients. We  maintain our clinic focus

 on exercising traditional naturopathic therapies:

Lifestyle Counseling

Achieving  healthy lifestyle alone might eliminate the need for any further   intervention.  At times  we forget to follow our

natural biological rhythms as well as nature cycles. This

ultimately leads to imbalance and disease. At RHNC we believe

that lifestyle assessment and counseling is a key factor for health promotion and disease prevention.

Clinical Nutrition

We believe that adequate nutrition is the foundation of health.

We offer rigorous dietary assessment and prepare individualized

dietary recommendations, along with supplementation program

to correct nutritional deficiencies, address existing conditions and restore balance.

Botanical Medicine

Herbs  are  quite  powerful,  graceful  and  effective  agents. We use herbs extensively in our practice,  making  sure that   all possible herb /drug   interactions are taken into account. Herbal tinctures, teas andextracts are both compounded in the clinic and also offered in a ready-made form.

Traditional Chinese Medicine

Traditional  Chinese Medicine dates back to  960 -1 279  A. D. It   is a wholesome  system of  medicine on  its  own. We use the tools of tongue and pulse  diagnosis,  traditional Chinese herbal formulas and acupuncture to address various conditions.


Homeopathy's main principle is  'like cures like'.  Homeopathic

remedies are made of minute dilutions of plants, minerals and tissues. These constituents  taken in original, non-homeopathic

form will elicit the exact same symptoms that patients suffer from. However, taken in homeopathic dilution, they might cure.

Rightly chosen homeopathic remedy might bring the cure  when

everything else fails.

Physical Medicine

Hydrotherapy,  manipulation, micro-current  therapy  and other physical modalities are powerful stimulants  of  body's own ability to heal. Their incomparable effect on improving blood circulation, speeding up the healing processes, reducing  inflammation and removing metabolic waste is well -recognized. In our clinic we offer constitutional hydrotherapy treatments, muscular- skeletal assessment and manipulation and other   therapies.