Naturopathic Services

Please note that our  fees are based on the fee  schedule recommended by  the Canadian Association of Naturopathic Doctors (CAND).

First Appointment
Duration: 90 minutes ($210.00)


First appointment is crucial, it helps your naturopathic doctor to understand the condition you present with and design the treatment plan accordingly. 


The appointment will  include a thorough intake. Initial recommendations will be made. Please arrive prepared:


  • Fill  out  a  corresponding  intake  form prior  to the appointment or arrive 15 minutes earlier to complete the form in the clinic.

  • Bring  with you all the medications  and/or supplements you are currently taking.

  • Bring with you copies of your past  labwork reports and imaging  if available.



   Adult Patient Intake Form


   Pediatric Patient Intake Form



Second Appointment
Duration: 60 minutes ($150.00)


The second appointment will  include a detailed nutritional assessment (bring with you a 7-days diet recall form), a  complete or focused physical  exam and required screening laboratory  tests.

The  examples of  the tests might include Complete Blood Count (CBC), serum ferritin, vitamin  B12, lipid profile (cholesterol, triglycerides), and fasting  blood glucose. 

Based on clinical judgement,   your  practitioner  might  order one or more of  these tests or recommend  more condition-specific  tests. All  laboratory tests are at an extra cost. 


Laboratory tests could be done prior to the 2nd appointment or any other day during the regular hours of our designated laboratories. 


Before the blood test:


  • Fasting for 12 hours prior to the blood work is recommended. 

  • Also refrain from vigorous exercise and alcohol consumption 24 hours prior to the test. 

  • Please do not drink any juice, milk, or carbonated beverages.

  • Drink  2-3 glasses  of water within 2 hours prior to the test.

  • Take your regular medications with water.


Follow Up Appointments
Duration: 45 minutes ($120.00)


Follow - up appointments are designed to monitor the 

treatment protocol and assess the progress.  


Your doctor might alter treatment protocol based on the  response to treatment, or make new recommendations. 


Follow up appointments are also utilized for administering acupuncture and electrotherapy treatments if prescribed.