Skin Care Programs at RHNC / Microccurrent & LED

At our clinic, we offer various skincare protocols to address common skin concerns, such as acne, psoriasis, rosacea, aging skin. We combine internal medicine with topical applications of quality products and microcurrent electrotherapy to achieve optimal results. Skin is the biggest organ of elimination and frequently reflects the imbalances in the internal organs and systems. Therefore, treating skin issues starts from the inside to achieve long-lasting results. Our naturopaths will discuss your current health concerns in depth and design an individualised treatment protocol best suited to correct your current skin concerns and achieve better health overall.

Skin Assessment
Skin Assessment

Herbal Medicine
Herbal Medicine

RHNC Skin Care Workshops
RHNC Skin Care Workshops

Skin Assessment
Skin Assessment

Microcurrent Treatments

Aging Skin / Poor Muscle Tone / Wrinkles

Microcurrent/LED Therapy

Acne / Rosacea / Hyperpigmentation / Wrinkles

LED Therapy Only

Acne / Rosacea / Hyperpigmentation

Microcurrent Treatment 60 min... $135.00

One trial session or a follow up visit


Microcurent series of 6............................ $675.00

Includes 30 min consult with an ND

(savings of $210.00)


Microcurent series of 12....................... $1350.00

Includes 30 min consult with an ND

(savings of $345.00)

Microcurrent/LED Therapy 90 min...$150.00

One trial session or a follow up visit


Microcurent/LED series of 6...................... $750.00

Includes 30 min consult with an ND

(savings of $225.00)


Microcurent/LED series of 12................. $1500.00

Includes 30 min consult with an ND

(savings of $375.00)

LED Red/Blue Light Therapy 30 min..$75.00

One trial session or a follow up visit


LED Therapy series of 6................................. $375.00

Includes 30 min consult with an ND

(savings of $150.00)


LED Therapy series of 12.............................. $750.00

Includes 30 min consult with an ND

(savings of $225.00)

What is Microcurrent?

Use of Microcurrent in Facial Rejuvination

Microcurrent uses low level electrical curent to trigger the body's own natural skin enhancement through improved circulation, better muscle tone and increased cellular energy. Consequently, increased collagen and elastin production provides firming and toning benefits that continue to improve with subsequent treatments.


Microcurrent therapy is a non-invasive alternative to a plastic surgery with far reaching skin health benefits.


To achieve optimal results we recommend an initial series of 6 or 12 treatments twice weekly followed by a maintenance treatment once a month. 


Microcurrent can be used to achieve the following benefits:


  • Improve muscle tone in the face and neck.

  • Shape cheekbone muscles and lift the eyebrows.

  • Reduce and eliminate fine lines and wrinkles.

  • Improve facial circulation.

  • Aid in lymphatic drainage.

  • Enhance product penetration to treat multiple skin problems, including acne and rosacea.


Microcurrent - Other Uses

Pan / Inflammation / Arthritis / Injuries

Microcurrent is used to decrease pain and inflammation associated with acute and chronic injuries, degenerative conditions and circulatory problems.
Here are the examples of the conditions that would benefit from microcurrent therapy:
Back pain
Diabetic ulcers
Neck pain
Slow-healing wounds
Sports injuries
Tendon and ligament pain
There are cases where microcurrent is not recommended. These include, but are not limited to patients with pacemakers, seizure disorders and current or recent cancer.
Microcurrent and TENS 

Differencies in Clinical Approach

Microcurrent operates on the premise that less is better. The smaller the amperage the more effective the treatment.


Higher currents block pain and lower currents stimulate healing. In general microcurrent devices are believed to improve circulation, reduce scar tissue and stimulate cellular activity.


TENS devices operate at a higher amperage (1-5 milliamps) and will block pain, by suppressing pain signals to the brain, providing short term pain relief.


Microcurrent devices operate at a lower amperage (20-600 micro amps) and stimulate cellular activity which will promote the body's own healing and repair processes with longer lasting results. 


On a cellular level, microcurrent increases adenosentriphosphate (ATP) production in the mitochondria which increases cellular energy and has a cascade effect on the neuro-endocrine system, organ systems and chemical systems.