Traveller's Guide to Summer Fun!!

With a beautiful summer now here, the camping equipment, bathing suits and travel luggage are all going to come into great use… We have all heard about the many travel tips ranging from ‘roll your clothes when packing’ and ‘when in doubt, bring your own toilet paper’, but what about ways to stay safe in the sun, avoid traveler’s diarrhea, and other health no no’s we cringe at when on vacation?

Here are a few ideas for staying healthy on vacation:

Probiotics for Healthy Gut

There’s nothing like seeing the delicious varieties of food and not being able to eat them because of a ‘stomach bug’.. Taking probiotics before during and after your trip can help build the good flora in our digestive system to help support encountering foreign strains of bacteria.. It is important to know what strains and dosing is right for you!

Natural Sunscreens

For those with sensitive skin and kids, it may be of benefit to find which types of ingredients to look out for when buying a good sun screen! Remember to lather up to avoid burns and irritation!

Homeopathic Remedies

A good mini travel kit of essential remedies will come in handy when travelling with kids! From Coffea cruda

for sleep trouble, Arnica for bumps & bruises,Arsenicum album for traveler’s diarrhea and Cantharis for

sunburns, there’s a remedy to help you manage the many health concerns!

Natural Insect Repellent

If you’re prone to insect bites, find out about essential oils such as Thyme, Lavender, Tea Tree, or Cypress and other natural alternatives that work best to support keep the bugs off!!

Electrolytes & Protein Bars

Electrolytes and vitamin C are a great way to ensure that you support your body should you find that you do experience loose stools! Having protein bars/nuts when travelling can also help when you don’t have access to gourmet meals and can help regulate blood sugar levels!

Happy and Healthy Immune System

Keep your body healthy before travel can help you from getting sick during your travels!

Contact your Naturopathic Doctor, and find out the many ways you and your family can stay healthy before, during and after your summer vacation!!

Wishing you the best in summertime fun,

Dr. Sharlini

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