Pascoleucyn Forte - Homeopathic Remedy for Flu Prevention

Take advantage of our introductory $49 offer to boost your immune system this time of the year! Your visit will include: 15 minutes consultation with the Naturopathic Doctor. 2 doses of Pascoleucyn Forte (in October and January). Pascoleucyn Forte is an oral or injectable homeopathic remedy which is quite effective in preventing cold and flu. 15% off most commonly prescribed immune products (herbal teas and tinctures, immune multivitamin). Receive personalized recommendations on how to protect your health through balanced lifestyle and diet. Call (905) 237-8521 to book your appointment!

A Parents' Guide to Healthy Halloween

Gum, toffee, lollipops, chips, candies and chocolate can be every parents worst nightmare at Halloween, not to mention the artificial ingredients that they contain! Many parents struggle with how to limit what their children will eat. Depriving your kids of sugary treats will not protect them with the risks associated with poor diet. Rest assured there are strategies that many professionals advocate! By teaching them about healthy eating, moderation, budgeting and giving back to charity you will be able to limit the amount of junk consumed! Here’s some advice: No trick-or-treating on an empty stomach (for the same reason you try not to grocery shop on an empty stomach!) Limit their trick-or-

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    Insurance - Direct Billing

    Now we can settle your claims directly

    with the following insurance providers:


    Sun Life Financial


    Great West Life

    Standard Life

    Johnson Insurance

    Chambers of Commerce Group

    Industrial Alliance

    Maximum Benefit

    Johnston Group


    Most employment insurance providers have naturopathic medicine coverage in their extended healthcare packages. If not, such coverage can often be included  at nominal rates. 

    You may want  to contact your employer or insurance agent to see if you are covered.  

    Online Store

    Exciting News! Our own brand new online store for RHNC patients is here! New products are added daily. Please feel free to order online, at our clinic or any health food store of your choice!

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