Health Benefits of Earthing

When was the last time we felt the Earth under our bare feet? Most probably somewhere on a sandy beach in Florida. The research shows that going barefoot for 40 minutes daily could benefit our nervous system and support heart health. According to Dr. Stephen Sinatra, MD, direct contact with the earth surface (earthing) allows the abundant electrons (negatively charged) enter our bodies and neutralize free radicals (positively charged), re-establishing healthy balance. Positively charged free radicals induce inflammation in the body, thus earthing has an anti-inflammatory effect. It also re-establishes internal electrical circuits, positively effects the autonomic nervous system and benefits heart health. Regular earthing therapy lowers stress, improves blood pressure and circulation, improves sleep and causes reduction in chronic pain.

There are many ways to introduce earthing into our daily routine – walking barefoot, gardening or hugging a tree! There are grounding products available in the market – usually cotton bed sheets and mats with a fine conductive silver thread. They are plugged into the ground port of the standard electrical outlet. It is a convenient way to introduce earthing / grounding therapy when access to natural environment is limited. Personally, I would opt for walking barefoot in the forest, or tending a lovely spring garden with love (no rubber gloves!) in my backyard.

There is a bigger meaning to the concept of earthing – reconnecting with the Mother Nature, developing the respect and love for the land we are nurtured by. Bringing back from childhood that sense of curiosity and awe when we first stepped into the ‘wild’ nature.

If you’d like to know more about earthing and its benefits, check this well-researched book “Earthing: the most important discovery ever!” by Clinton Ober and Dr. Stephen Sinatra.

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