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Vitamin D for Better Health!

October is a great time for some TLC whether it is boosting your immune system or a semi-annual cleanse. Today I decided to revisit the role of the vitamin D in supporting the immune system to ward off harmful viruses and bacteria and also talk about other important functions of this unique vitamin in our body.

Vitamin D is best recognized for its role in calcium absorption and prevention of the loss of the bone mass and osteoporosis. However there are multiple reasons why vitamin D is crucial for optimal health.

Vitamin D is essential for the proper functioning of the immune system. It activates the innate response – the part of the immune system responsible for the fast activation and protection against the viruses and bacteria. There are studies that show that people with higher levels of vitamin D will get fewer respiratory tract infections during the winter time. It is about the right time now to check your levels of vitamin D.

After the sun exposure or through supplementation, vitamin D is transported to the liver where it is converted to its yet inactive form - 25(OH)D. This is the form of the vitamin D that is routinely measured in the blood. The inactive form is sent to various organs and tissues (e.g. kidneys) where it gets activated and ready to perform its functions. Compromised function of the liver or kidneys will negatively affect the conversion of the vitamin D into its active form. In this case measuring the active form - 1.25 (OH) D - might be considered....

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