5 Ways to keep You & Your Kids Healthy this Flu Season!

So it's that time of year again, where the kleenex boxes become a must have item on your shopping list. Gettting a mild cold may not be a bad thing if it's not impacting our day-to-day functioning according the the 'Hygiene Hypothesis' but what about those who seem to get sick over and over again? There are many preventative measures to help the body learn, adapt and overcome illness, and here are the top 5 ways to naturally build your body's immune system!

1. Preventing Spread of Germs:​ The wisdom learnt from kindergarten seems to be the best way to stop the spread of germs - Hand washing. Singing to the tune of 'Happy Birthday' while using soap and warm water helps to keep the hands from spreading common viruses.

2. Immune Boosters:​ Mushrooms are known to have immune enhancing properties and range in diversity of flavour (Penicillin is derived from the fungal family for its anti-bacterial properties and this immune supporting property is common to many edible mushrooms). Having ginger tea/lozenges, foods that are easy to digest and low in refined sugar, and herbal teas are all warming ways to enhance the functioning of the body's natural defenses against illness.


Change of Season soup is an immune system tonic used traditionally in Chinese medicine. It is a blend of herbs used to enhance immunity during the changing of seasons and improves resistance to colds and flus.


1 Handful of each Herb:

Goji Berries (qi zi)

Polygonatum odoratum (yu zhu)

Astragalus membranacus (be qi)

Angelica Sinensis (dang gui)

Chinese dates (red jujubes)

Codonopsis pilosulae (dang shen)

Dioscorea oppositae (huai shan)

1-2L of water

Shitake mushrooms, carrots, pumpkin, squash (optional)

1 organic chicken with fat removed (optional)


Rinse all herbs (1 handful of each) and let drain.

Chop chicken or vegetables in desired size..

Bring water to a boil and put the herbs and desired vegetable(s)/chicken in. Turn to low heat and simmer for 1-2 hours or use a slow cooker.

Drink 1 cup per day during the change of season period (about 10 days).

It is recommended to not drink the soup during an active cold or flu, but rather before illness to prevent getting sick.


3. Antioxidant Support:​ Foods rich in beta-carotenes found in a wide range of colorful fruits and vegtables seem to be a wonder in the functioning of the immune sytem. To pull out those Vitamin C's during this time of year is also a great idea when it comes to enhancing the function of the body in response to foreign bacteria and viruses. Other forms of immune support include vitamins and minerals such as Zinc and B vitamins, that help the body facilitate an optimal immune response.

4. Restful Sleep​: Getting adequate well rested sleep is key to the body functioning at its best. During sleep is when the body is recovering and getting ready for the day to come. Not getting enough sleep can include more sick days and compromises the ability of the immune system to fight off colds and flus.

5. Naturopathic Flu Shot Alternatives: Yes you read right! There are safe and natural immune enhancing ampules available for the prevention of colds and flus. The next Flu Prevention Initiative in October will provide you and your family with a short visit and preventative treatment. Call (905)237-8521 for more information!

For a full Naturopathic Immune Enhancement protocol, or to book an appointment click HERE.

Wishing you an enjoyable start to the new school year,

Dr. Sharlini Udayakumar, ND DHMHS


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