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Vacation Survival Guide

If you’re lucky enough to be heading south this spring, you’ll want to make sure that you enjoy your vacation – not spend it being sick! Here are some tips to stay healthy:

Be Proactive. Make sure your body is in its best shape before you depart, so that your immune system is strong. During the month prior to travel, be sure to eat well (more veggies, less sugar and processed food), exercise and get 8 hours of sleep every night. Take strategic vitamins/supplements and an immune product during these four weeks. DON’T SELF PRESCRIBE! See your local friendly ND for recommendations that are safe and effective for you.

Learn about any health risks and vaccine suggestions related to the place you are going. The CDC (Centre for Disease Control) has this information and will also give you relevant advice such as avoiding certain insects or taking anti-malarial medications.

See a doctor before you travel. My suggestion is to see a doctor at a Travel Clinic. They are the most up to date on health risks, and can give you medical advice that is specific to your medical history and health concerns.

Travel Warnings: visit the government of Canada’s travel warnings page.

Buy Health Insurance. Enough Said.

Pack a travel health kit that includes the following natural products (along with your prescription meds, first aid supplies and over-the-counter meds):

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Anti-motion sick medication (Gravol Natural



Milk Laxative (Senna for example)

Rescue Remedy or other anti-anxiety

Topical Antimicrobial (Tea Tree Oil)

Natural Bug Spray and Sunscreen

Sleep Aid (Melatonin)

Oral Rehydration (Emergen-C)

Chamomile and peppermint tea bags to soothe an upset stomach

Arnica pellets, Traumeel and Tiger Balm for injuries and muscle pain


While you are away: bring and take the supplements recommended by your ND in #1.

Hopefully these suggestions are helpful to you and your travel companions. Stay healthy, and enjoy your vacation!

Dr. Chelsea Derry, BSc, ND

Naturopathic Doctor


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